In this video, I share my first impressions of the Canon EOS M3, do a quick review and test video with a $1 fix to solve the issue of the External Microphone Issues many face when using this camera.

My Initial Impressions?

My first thoughts on this little gem (easy giveaway I like it lol) was instantly knowing this definitely was my new favorite camera and my Canon T5i knows it! I have not picked my T5i back up unless I needed to record a video with two recording angles or to show off another camera like in this video and MAN was that difficult.

When I first held the camera body after taking it out of the shipping package, was pure joy. Just the sheer size was an instant r fit for my relatively small to medium sized hands. Most video reviews I watched complained about the size of the camera (nearly all men), but it’s the typical point and shoot camera size.

**Quick Tip when finding the right audio cables**

3-pole audio plug means TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) and 4-pole audio cable means TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve)

When it’s specified that a mic is for Smartphones only, it will be a TRRS plug used. If it is a TRS cable it will be for cameras.

To use a mic like the Rode SmartLav+ or Rode VideoMic Me (for Smartphones) with your camera, you’ll need a TRRS to TRS cable or what some list 4 pole plug to 3 pole plug. Or you can get the Purple Panda Mic that has all the above for $20 bucks!

I did a review on the Purple Panda Mic. You can check out the review here!

My Thoughts After Having the Camera a Few Weeks?

I LOVE IT MORE!!! I just don’t get tired of working with this camera for any and every little thing I want to do. It’s easy to automatically switch to my Custom Camera Settings (even the volume settings) when I’m recording in my home studio. It’s easy to switch to a Creative Style where it’s pretty much automatic, but lets me customize different settings if I want to.

Or just got fully automatic and let the camera do it’s thing if I don’t want to adjust anything.

I literally have not recorded with my Canon T5i since I did this video and I don’t see it playing a major role in my video production process unless I’m doing interviews and want two-angle shots when recording.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s an amazing camera and I’m sure that’s not hard to realize at this point, but if there were a few things I want to see added into the camera it’s only to beat that blasted 30-minute recording limit nearly all cameras have (minus a few recent players in the mirrorless field & camcorders).

I’ve also learned if I want to take pictures and actively use the camera longer than 4 or so hours, I will need an extra battery and am good to record all day!

I’ve also found that in a pinch when recording with only 1 memory card, using the wifi feature and uploading the images and video from the card to a Google Drive folder makes it super easy even if you forget to bring extra memory card. Plus, it lets me organize various content in my Drive folder as I’m shooting throughout the day. That way when it’s time to record, everything is already organized and ready for editing.

All in all, I love this camera!


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