In today’s episode, I answer one of THE MOST asked questions I receive, which is “How do I find my passion or purpose in life?” This is one of the most questions every adult answers in their life and ponder, but today we break it down in this super easy method I call the Passion Formula!

The PASSION Formula

P ~ Past

What do you, or did you, love to do, above all things? Think back to around the age of 8 to 12 years old, what was something no one could shut you up about lol?  Why did you love it so much? What drew you to this activity?

A ~ Action

What did you actually LOVE to do?  What was the specific activity?

What actions or behaviors were necessary to do this activity? What’s Action Equation? (Pen/Paper = Writing, Instrument/Reed = Playing Instrument) What’s your verb? What is you “do”? (What are you actually doing? Name that action.

S ~ Sensation (The sensation you felt when performing this activity or action.)

What feelings, emotions, sensations did this activity evoke in you? Did you feel powerful? Important?  Smart?  Like a winner? Did you feel accomplished? Relaxed? Centered?  Did it make life feel easy and seamless?

S ~ Stretch (The Challenge)

What did this activity make you do?  Not the actual behavior, but what did it make you have to develop?

If you wrote, or still write, did it help increase your vocabulary with new words? Did you have to push yourself athletically?

What did you have to learn that was new, to make yourself better?

I ~ Images

What did you imagine? What images did you see for yourself, your future, your growth, your ability?


Im-age-I Na-Tion

Im -> I’m = I am ; What are you claiming? I am a cyclist! I am a producer! I am great!

age = Age can signify growth, development, and wisdom Where are you growing?

I = Re-affirming what you are and solidifying what and how you identify yourself

Nation = What’s the Big Picture?  Who does the action serve?

a-tion -> An Action

Im-age-I-Na-Tion (as defined by Diana): “What are you claiming and confirming that you have wisdom in to help people grow in your specific action of service?”

O ~ One (Complete. Completion.)

What is the source? Behind every great action, great change, or great thought is a source. Where is your originating from?

  • Some stem from a painful experience or past
  • Some stem from a combination of ideas and activities that you enjoy
  • Some stem from an overall joy you have had about something
  • Some stem from a sense of foresight in seeing a product or new perspective on a service from a problem

N ~ Not Saying “No”

Don’t say “no” to yourself and that you can’t believe for something to become true in your life.

Don’t say “no” you can’t do it become someone is better than you.

Get rid of “no’s” in your life that can hold you back!




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