In this episode, I have the pleasure of having a very candid conversation with Business Credit Expert Ty Crandall of In this session, we share what exactly is business credit, how it works, and how startups can start establishing tradelines of business credit in their startup!

To connect with Ty with establishing business credit for your business he can be reached via! Also, be sure to check out his Podcast, The Business Credit and Financing Show on iTunes HERE.

Business Credit has been one of those elusive topics rarely really discussed in details and seems to be only reserved for larger businesses. FALSE!

Everyone starts from zero! No matter if it’s developing an email list, a Facebook Group, Twitter followers..WHATEVER! Including zero in the bank account because business is something that has to be established, in addition to business credit.

I REALLY loved the conversation I was able to have with our special guest Ty Crandall, and even out chat before and after the recording. I think no matter where you are in your business, you’ll receive amazing value from this call is being able to:

  • Establish credit without using your social security number or personal assets tied to your business credit.
  • Learn the differences between consumer credit and business credit.
  • How business credit works and what factors impact your business credit score.
  • A list of over 5 companies startup companies can use to establish business credit trade lines and how to find more!

This episode is JAM PACKED! I hope you consider checking it out if you want to learn more about how business credit can work for you!

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