This has to be one my most repeated phrases, “Did you Google It?”.

There is a reason why the #1 and #2 sites I recommend, probably more than my own, is Google and YouTube. In the world of 2017 there is nothing you can’t find the answer to through the almighty Google and its little sister YouTube.

I prefer YouTube because you can watch the answer happen in action versus just reading it for your own interpretation.

“How To” is the number 1 phrase searched on YouTube. I’m sure it’s not far behind on Google either. How can you tie a tie? How do you change a diaper? How can I start a business? There are thousands of answers online and if you have a question to something and you’re not searching for it online first, you’re wasting your time.

Most people believe it’s easier to just ask someone what to do or how to do. Being a Small Business Coach being asked “How to” or “How do I” is a common occurrence for me as well. Rather than making my clients search deep into the interwebs for the answers, they have the benefit of getting a direct answer and a direct strategy in minutes.

Most new entrepreneurs “look” for help, but may not be quite ready for coaching. For those that sit on the fence or just has a general question, they may message me on Facebook or Comment on YouTube. Sometimes the easy response is asking, “Did you Google it or search for it on YouTube first?” is an easy question to ask to see what they may have already found.

If they’ve never considered it, that’s a great way to get a jump start to any answers you have. From the average Joe, to some high-level experts and/or entrepreneurs everyone is online sharing their answers.

What’s Wrong with Googling Answers?

One of the biggest issues people can run into when they decide they want to Google something is they fall into the realm of “information constipation”. They become so overwhelmed with information they don’t know who or what to believe and they freeze and do none of the recommendations they’ve heard or read.

Has this ever happened to you before?

It ABSOLUTELY has happened to me and I want to share with you how to get the best results and know who to follow and what recommendations to take when you’re online searching for answers.

“Googling” answers can be an incredibly HUGE waste. of. time.

You can spend HOURS and eventually DAYS looking for 1 answer that will lead you to the next question you’ll want to ask yourself. Then, you’ll spend another couple of days Googling for answers. (Trust me, you’re talking to an expert okay.)

I literally remember spending 8 entire months looking for 1 single and solid answer when I first was introduced to business. I would search different variations of “Small Business Taxes” or “Home based business tax deductions” over and over and over again until my eyes hurt and I would give myself a migraine.

I would dig deep into the teen’s pages of Google like page 15, page 16 and on and on.

For whatever reason, at that time I couldn’t find solid answers and I couldn’t get an answer beyond, “I just take my receipts to my accountant” (i.e. H&R Block = big no no!)

That’s honestly why I learned so much about them once I finally DID find the answers through someone that was just as adamant as I was had his Coach (hint hint, clue clue) do a LIVE call with a Home Business Tax Professional who taught an amazing training on Home Business Tax Savings.

Having the right information and having it quickly allows you to spend more time on the actual work of your business and no “busy work” just looking for answers.

How to Find the Right Answer for You

Knowing who to listen to should be an easy thing, but it’s really not. The more you know about yourself and how you learn, the better and easier it is to find out who to listen to and what actions you should take.

Do you prefer to learn by listening? Reading? Watching someone do a task? Once you know how you learn best, then you can find the best way to search for your answer.

If it’s learning via audio, it’s a podcast or audio training. Watching something? It’s, of course, videos or a live training or webinar. Reading it? You should start with a blog or forum to read.

HOW you search is everything. There’s nothing wrong with searching, as long as you search the right way.

You don’t want to look for a generalist, you want to look for those with specialized knowledge in an area of some sort. If it’s a podcast, then search “Women’s Fashion Podcast” vs just Women’s Fashion. You’ll begin to at least narrow down your search to those that are specifically talking about that topic on podcasts.

My Secret Weapon for Searching Topics

When I’m looking for a very specific area of information, I want to do one thing…use quotations.

When you’re searching for a specific topic and it must contain certain words, like “bread recipe without yeast”, it will pull up only information that has these specific words in it. If it doesn’t contain those exact words, it will not be a result that populates.

Google will give you suggestions when it comes to other similar phrases that will still be closer to what you’re specifically looking for versus the general randomness that can sometimes show up when solely entering a phrase in Google.

As a DIY Girl, there is nothing wrong with seeking for an answer yourself. The only thing to watch out for is that you don’t waste time doing so. When looking for specific and direct answers sometimes you need to invest to produce the right answer the first time. Being removed from the idea that you can always find it for free is not the proper mindset of a successful startup entrepreneur so be cautious when searching the almighty Google that you don’t kill your business looking for answers.

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