So, still a young lass myself, “retirement” is definitely far off on my list of things to do in life. However, I believe this is one of the most desired stages of life for most Americans these days.

The Danger of Retirement Thinking

One day I was sitting in the breakroom eating a slice of White Cake with white icing and a strawberry center slice of HEAVEN when I sat next to a co-worker to enjoy the cake.

She looked at me and we both share how nice it was for the company to provide a cake for everyone as one of the directors retired. The young co-worker turned to me and said, “Can’t you just wait until it’s time to retire?! I can’t wait!”.

Not being judgmental of her or anything, but an instant frown came across my face and I stopped eating my cake.

“Wait for retirement?! Are you serious?”, I said.

“Girl, yeah! I can’t wait to sit back and just enjoy myself.”, said, my coworker.

My instant response was, “Hell Nah I’m not sitting around here until I get old and all my youth is used up then sit back and say I’m going to “enjoy myself”??? Yeah right!”, I said.

I could tell my coworker was puzzled by my statement, but most people are when they ask me about looking forward to retirement. Has life gotten so bad that we look forward to living 2 vacation weeks a year and until we reach about 70-75 before we can “retire to the good life”? What life?!

Does Retirement Really Create This Type of Impact?

I don’t typically speak negatively about the timeframe needed where you work a job, but this is where I draw the line!

Unless you’re operating in your purpose doing the work that you’re doing, I do not believe you should look forward to staying where you are in life and hoping, wishing and waiting for retirement to come.

I sat back and became lost in my thoughts thinking of those that have not discovered their purpose in life and only have the weekends and vacation to look forward to for the majority of their lives (if you can call that living).

Life is meant to be lived!

When you love what you do and you’re passionate about it and you’re operating in your purpose, retirement isn’t calculated in. Why would you stop doing the work you love that brings joy and purpose in your life?

Many that will read this post won’t yet be in a place where they are operating in their purpose or fully doing what they love, but that doesn’t mean that you quit, and you CERTAINLY don’t start looking forward to retirement.

The mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur can be a great journey outside of any of the physical work you’ll ever do in your business. It will require you to question your beliefs about money and what you’ve learned to create income.

It will require you to grow beyond your doubts and what you believe you can actually achieve and what you actually can do.

Sometimes we can be too quick to say “I can’t” or take advice from the “they say” phantom advisors of the world. “You know they say, money doesn’t buy happiness.” Who says these things? Who has ever tried to go to the store and buy happiness off a shelf (unless it was Colombian Roast Coffee…that’s real happiness lol).

Seriously though, the “they say” beliefs of the world are of those that are the majority of people that will take their gifts, talents, and dreams to the grave. Do you really want to take advice from a person or people like that? I would suggest not.

Listen to your own heart of the dreams you want to fill your life with and tackle to achieve them like YOUR LIFE depends on it..because how you live it, will.